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How you can Grow your Business in Singapore for Free in 2019

Singapore is definitely a competitive environment to do business in. There are many “old timers” that have been in every industry and in such a small country as Singapore, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from these Giants. However, Unless your competitor is utilising everything all types of marketing, there is a way to […]

Google Flights Launches In Singapore

As a proud Singaporean, I am proud to say I’m a bargain hunter. Whether be it food, online shopping, travelling or even flights, the price is usually one of the top factors in making a decision. Google, the biggest search engine provider just launched Google Flights in Singapore. The online app is akin to sky […]

The definitive guide to Website Speed Optimisation

If you are frustrated by your website’s slow loading speed, This is the speed improvement guide for you. Website loading speed is a critical factor when it comes to retaining visitors and Google is enforcing a harsh stance on it. To show how commit Google is to fast loading speeds, they even implemented Google Accelerated […]

How Much Does a Website in Singapore Cost?

Websites are a must have in the 21st century if you want to target the majority of the population of Singapore and the world. Gone are the days of brick and mortar methods such as directory listings and newspaper advertisements. When you are looking at creating a website, there are two trains of thought that […]

Signs Your Website Needs a Revamp

A website is one of the best assets that any business can own. It acts as a 24-hour salesman which can help your business generate leads and sales even when you are sleeping. In fact, some businesses only operate through a website, not needing a storefront. This saves a lot of fixed costs in renting […]

What happens if you purchase a domain wrongly on GoDaddy?

Congrats if you have just purchased a domain, this means taking the first step to get your website on the internet (before website development) But what happens if you have purchased a domain wrongly? In my case today when we were planning for a new website i have accidentally purchase a wrong domain! In this […]

Google My Business 2018-Free Views and Leads

Google My Business Google maps is among the top 10 applications used on both iOS and Android and it’s not surprising why. It’s the number 1 maps application in the world closely followed by Apple’s Map app. Google maps was launched on February 8, 2005, and has continued to develop ever since. From merely providing directions […]

How to Make a Landing Page

A sales page or landing page is often the most important page to get leads or conversion. You can either utilise a sales page through a Google ads campaign to lead visitors to your page or through Search Engine Optimisation methods. Either way, once you’ve gotten the visitor to your website, your landing page should make […]