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Proximacy offers a whole slew of online marketing services. Whether if your business is looking to make a new website design, get page one rankings by the use of Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing Methods such as Google’s Pay-Per-Click or even Social media marketing by Instagram or Facebook. We have the know how to make it work for your business We have a proven track record with existing clients that have been with us for years. If you want to experience high return-in-investments, look no further. We are also recognised by Google as a Google partner. Check out our range of services below in the boxes.

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Search Engine Optimization

We’re your online practitioners to help claim your spot in search results. We’ve built our methodology to ensure quality SEO results that are Google friendly and build your website’s authority over many different keywords. Get found quickly and by the right audience.

Digital Advertising Solutions

We specialize in creating new and improved avenues for small businesses to succeed. We will identify suitable online channels across the different channels such as (Facebook,Instagram,Youtube,etc) and strategize for positive ROI. In online marketing there is no one size fit all solution.

Web Development

Your online shopfront will be Designed and Built from start to finish optimized for conversions by a 100% Local Team. Designing with your clients in mind, we will design a streamlined user experience taking into consideration website performance as well for your SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Why Proximacy?

Full-Time Practitioners

Proximacy LLP, was formed because we were recommended by our friends to other companies to help them bring their business online. We practice what we preach and have been in the online space since 2010 with our different ventures.

Results Orientated

The key would be results orientated, some would say marketing it’s fluff. It’s not fluffed if there are results and numbers. We always believe, whatever that can be measured can be improved.

Lean Solutions

We would want to work with you to understand your business and propose solutions that are cost effective to you.

Looking For A Customised Solution?

360 Digital Penetration Strategy is suitable for businesses who are keen to reach their target market using different platforms. At Proximacy, we believe that companies benefit the most by aligning full digital solutions their business vision and goals. Get in touch with us today and let us work out a comprehensive 360 Digital Penetration Strategy together with you!

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